Alinco DM-330MW2


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Power Supply, Switched Mode, Input 230VAC, Output 5 – 15VDC, Output Current Continuous 25A and Maximum 30A, Meter for Volt and Current

Note December 2012: Alinco DM330MWII is new version for Alinco DM330MWE.

Alincos DM-330MW is a high efficiency, compact, lightweight, high performance switching mode power supply. It is also engineerd to minimize the switching noise specificaaly for communication use. Even when noise occurs, it may be eliminated with the Noise-Offset funtion. Also convenient like pre-set voltage, remote control and a highly back lit meter are standard in this power supply.

* Input Voltage: 230VAC
* Output Voltage: 5~15VDC variable
* Output Voltage Regulation: Less than 2%
* Protection: Short-circuit, Automatic current limiting over 30A over-temprature
* Output Current: 30A(max), 25A(continuous)
* Ripple: Less than 15mVp-p at rated load
* Fuse: 4A(Fast-blow ceramic tube for 230VAC)
* Meter: Single Volt/Current meter, Back-lit
* Dimensions: 190mm(W) x 69mm(H) x 181mm(D)(Projections not included)
* Weight: Approx. 2.5Kg with AC cord

1 Pc of Switching Power Supply
1 Pc of User Manual
1 Pc of Cable