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NEW -Bluetooth speaker microphone with ROTARY Volume Control and built-in wireless PTT. Includes charger and charging cable.


Bluetooth (wireless) remote speaker microphone. The BTH-510 is smaller and lighter than our BTH-600, but still just as weather resistant. It has a ROTARY VOLUME CONTROL, which can be much easier to use, especially when wearing gloves. With more than 40-hours of talk time (80-hours typical) and greater than 30-days standby time, the BTH-510 is a real workhorse.

Other features include a waterproof front-facing speaker, directional noise canceling microphone, heavy-duty clothing/belt clip that swivels 360°, and strategically placed pairing and low-battery warning lights on the top of the microphone the BTH-510 is super easy to use. This Industrial Strength unit is multi-functional, featuring a broad-range ROTARY volume control, 3.5mm earphone jack, and rechargeable battery (comes with universal USB wall charger and cable). The BTH-510 can be paired with either Android or Apple Tablet or Cellphone.  Side button activates ZINC PTT function while Top button controls normal phone functions (answer, hang-up, etc.).  The BTH-510 has a typical operating range of up to 10 meters (depending on Smart Device range, and enviromental interference).


  • Wireless Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone with ROTARY VOLUME CONTROL
  • Great sounding transmit and receive audio using the latest in Bluetooth technology!
  • Dust/weather/rain resistant to IP56 levels.
  • Noise canceling microphone element.
  • Typical operation range: 10 meters
  • Talk time: 40+ hours. Standby 30 days.
  • Simple operation, Rotary Volume Contol with Power Switch, Side mounted PTT switch (for radios), top mounted Cellphone control switch, and 3.5 jack for optional earphone.
  • Built-in 3.5mm earphone jack (use any 3.5mm earphone or our LOOKOUT™, RECON™, or SCOUT™ models).
  • NOTE: Price includes wall charger and Mini USB charging cable (charging cable can also be used with most USB style charging adapters including car chargers.)