CB PNI Extra 45 antenna, with magnet included, length 45 cm, SWR 1.0, 26-30MHz, 150W, fiberglass


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Discreet and efficient

PNI Extra 45 antenna is the smallest CB antenna (only 45 cm high) that can be mounted on cars, cars or minibuses. Its small size makes it almost unsuitable, easily confused with the radio antenna.

CB PNI Extra 45 antenna with magnet included SWR 1.0

CB PNI Extra 45 antenna with magnet included SWR 1.0

Easy installation and calibration

The PNI Extra 45 antenna is easy to install, by simply screwing the spike on the magnet attached to the dome of the car, but also to calibrate, by rotating the tip with a screw, until the desired performance is achieved. It is recommended that the antenna adjustment / calibration be carried out by specialized personnel with related equipment.

Aerodynamic design

The PNI Extra 45 antenna has a special aerodynamic design that allows air to slide around the spike, eliminating wind noise.

CB PNI Extra 45 antenna with magnet included SWR 1.0

Product Identification
Product code PNI-HP-6500
Manufacturer PNI
General characteristics
Model Furniture
Broadcasting type AM / FM
channels 40
Frequency 26.965 – 27.405 MHz
Audio speaker power 1 W
Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) greater than 1 μV AM / FM
Emission power 4 W
Modulation 80-90%
feeding 12 V
Current absorbed 2A max
Dimensions (L x H x D / Weight) 110 x 120 x 28/385 g
1DIN assembly Yes
Special features
Scanning channels Yes
RF Gain Yes, 9 levels
Keypad lock Yes
ASQ adjustable Yes, 28 levels
Emergency channel button Yes
Multicolored screen Blue
Squelch Digital Automatic (ASQ) Yes, 9 levels
Squelch manual Yes
S-meter Yes
Operating temperature -26 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection Yes
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Support and radio fastener screws Yes
Support and microphone grip screws Yes
Power cord Yes
Lighter jack plug Yes
User manual Yes
1DIN mounting case Yes