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High performance CB antenna


The performance of the product is closely related to the technical characteristics that the antenna has under ideal conditions of installation and use: SWR <= 1.2: 1, maximum applied power 250 W, impedance 50 Ohms, stainless steel etc.

Distance of communication

Communication distance is another decisive factor in the acquisition and use of a CB antenna. Thus, the communication distance of 10 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with maximum legal power allowed by 4W and with a standard reception. Any obstacle such as hills, mountains, buildings, walls can reduce this distance.

Antenna length

Antenna length is another very important factor that can influence the communication distance in traffic. Thus, the longer the antenna, the greater the range. The antenna in this kit has a length of 76 cm (magnetic base included).

Magnetic base

The magnetic base of this package is provided with a cable of 4 m, long enough to place the antenna on the dome, and a diameter of 125 mm. The powerful magnet gives the antenna stability even at very high speeds.

Adjustable angle

This antenna can be tilted with the aid of the butterfly screw with which it is provided, to enter passages, garages or parking spaces with low height. Apart from these situations, an inclination of more than 30 degrees is not recommended as it may affect the antenna performance.