MANSON NTP-5631 Labornetzteil 1-36V DC / 3 Ampere NOUVEAUTE


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This series of 100W Switching Mode Power Supplies with Current Limiting Control, is designed with the objectives of high accuracy, compactness and easy portability.
The use of digital power techniques results in capabilities and performance levels at the power supply that are not possible with analog techniques.
Digital power techniques can control the turn-on slew rate of the power MOSFET in response to the output load thus further reducing EMI 4 digit display LCD of voltage and current for high precision.
The slim tower housing makes it ideal for tight work bench. It is light and conveniently portable with a collapsible handle. The large and illuminated LCD display provides clear and sharp readings even under dim light.
The output power on off switch allows safe and handy operations. The Tracking OVP (Output Over Voltage Protection) ensures a better and tighter protection to voltage sensitive loads.
It has good line and load regulations, high efficiency and low ripple & noise that are typical of advanced switching mode power supply. It meets the CE safety standards of EN-61010 for laboratory grade power supply and respective EMC standards.

Open circuit current limiting setting capability
Automatic Cross over CV and CC mode
Illuminated LCD indications of A, V, Output On-OFF, CC & CV.
4 digit displays of Volt and Amp meters for main output
Two auxiliary USB outputs
2 digit displays of Amp meters for auxiliary USB outputs
Coarse & Fine Voltage and Current controls
Compact slim tower housing
Collapsible handle
Output power on off switch at front panel
Natural Convection
Tracking OVP (output over voltage protection), Short circuit, overload and over temperature protections.
Universal input with active PFC
Good line, load regulations and low ripple and noise
Rotary encoder control
CE approvals

Type Switching Mode
Input Voltage 90 – 264VAC 50/60Hz~
Rated output power 100W
Number of output 3
Output Voltage range 1-36VDC
Output Current range 0.25-3A
Voltage load regulation =70mV
Current load regulation =50mA
Voltage line regulation =25mV
Current line regulation =20mA
Output ripple and noise =5mV
Voltage Setting Resolution 10mV
Voltage meter digit and accuracy
4 Digit LCD Display (+5counts =5V) (±0.2% +5counts >5V)
Current Set Resolution 10mA
Current meter digit and accuracy
4 Digit LCD Display ±(0.5% +5counts for range I=1A) ±(0.5% +3counts for range I>1A)
Extra output Voltage 5VDC USB x 2
Auto-range (con) No
Constant Current mode Yes
Remote programing No
Connection type N/A
Preset program No
Internal program No
Commend Set N/A
Optimal Efficiency =80.5%
Cooling Method Natural Convection
Protections Short Circuit, Overload, Over Temperature, Tracking OVP
Floating ground Yes
Approvals CE EMC: EN 55011 LVD: EN 61010
Dimensions (WxHxD) 70x155x250mm
Weight 2.0kg

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