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Handheld RF Antenna Analyzer
• Diagnostic Functions:
…. SWR
…. ComplexImpedance
…. ImpedanceMagnitude
…. Capacitance
…. Inductance
…. RelativeFieldStrength
…. Frequency
• Frequency Counter Range: 1 – 500 MHz
• Frequency Range RF Generator:
….. 1.5 – 68 MHz in six HF Bands
….. 108 – 230 MHz Continuous Coverage
….. 305 – 490 MHz Continuous Coverage

The MFJ266C is a self-contained handheld RF analyzer that performs the following diagnostic functions:
• SWR (1:1 to 9.9:1)
• Complex Impendance (Z = R + jX)
• Impedance Magnitude (Z=Ω)
• Capacitance (pF)
• Inductance (uH)
• Relative Field Strenght (mV)
• Frequency (MHz)

The MFJ-266C also generates a 2-dBm RF signal that may be used to check receivers, networks, amplifiers and antenna patterns. Operating range is:
• HF: 1.5 – 68 MHz in six HF Bands
• VHF: 108-230 MHz continuous coverage
• UHF: 305-490 MHz continuous coverage

A 10:1 vernier drive provides smooth tuning. Measurements are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen with optional backlighting. Power is supplied by an internal AA cells, an 18650 Li-ion cell or by regulated 12-VDC external power source (not included). Weighing just over 1.3 pounds, the MFJ-266C package fits comfortably in one hand for convenient bench work or on-the-fly testing in the field. Operation is simple, but you will need to read the manual to learn all of the unit’s features and functions. the more you know the more valuable it will become as a diagnostic tool.

1 Pc of Antenna Analyzer.
1 Pc of User Manual in English.