Midland G 13 Nouveau


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Transceiver PMR446 Portable
• Frequency: Extended frequency band: 446.00625 / 446.19375 MHz
• Channels: 99 PMR446 channels (16+83 pre-programmed)
• Tones: 50 CTCSS tones + (106 + 106 (N/I) DCS codes)
• Output power: 500mW
• WaterProof: IPX4
• Programmable via PC
• Audio Accessory: Jack 2-Pin, KENWOOD Wiring (Type-K)

Those who practice hunting activities must be able to count on a rliable versatile and long-lasting radio. If you think you’re a hunter and you’re looking for a walkie talkie that will always allow you to signal your presence in the shooting area…add the new G13 portable transceiver to your equipment. The reference user asks for ease of use. The G13 achieves this thanks to a touch-recognizable control layout, a large display and two main knobs. The big one for channel change The small one for volume control and ON/OFF. In addition to the great sturdiness allowed by the aluminium chassis, there is the IPX4 waterproof rating. When evaluating a transceiver, you often forget about the sound… Not with the G13: MIDLAND has provided it with a sound response of well above average quality. The presence of the RRM (Rete Radio Montana) Channel function makes the G13 an excellent support also for those who practice hiking and trekking thanks to the possibility to automatically select the main radio frequency of Rete Radio Montana, the main emergency reporting tool.

• Frequency: Extended frequency band: 446.00625 – 446.19375 MHz
• Channels: 16 new PMR446 channels
• Tones: 99 PMR446 channels: 16 + 83 pre- programmed
• Output power: 500 mW
• WaterProof: IPX4, Splash proof
• Display: LCD display with backlighting
• Chassis: Aluminium chassis
• Dual Watch
• Scrambler (via optional programming software)
• Scan
• Keypad lock
• Roger Beep
• Power supply voltage: High efficiency, 2600 mAh Li-ion battery (battery life up to 40 hours)
• Pin connector: 2-Pin Kenwood
• Programmable via PC

• Manufacturers of PMR446 transceivers often claim a range of up to 10 kilometers, but this distance is theoretical and calculated under test conditions only.
• In a city the range will be no more than a few streets.
• In the countryside the range can be up to 500 meters.
• In completely open areas or on water, the range can be up to a few kilometers.

1 Pc of Transceiver with belt clip
1 Pc of Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
1 Pc of Wall adapter
1 Pc of Desktop charger

• Type-K= List of Microphones, Earphones and other accessories with Connector and Wiring Type-K

• PRG-10 = Programming Software