TMF-3 50ft Heavy Duty Fibreglass Telescopic Mast Moonraker


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This is a very high quality GRP fibreglass mast. Lovely locking collars that pull to a stop with an adjustable tension lever. Very strong but lightweight in comparison to the aluminium versions. These are the best masts we have seen and out sell any others20-1 !

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: GRP fiberglass telescopic mast
  • Length extended: 15.15m (50ft)
  • Length retracted: 2.50m (8ft)
  • Diameter: 65-23mm7 sections 2400mm each
  • Headload: 5kgs max
  • Weight: 7kg approx.
  • Bottom mast diameter 65mm
  • Bottom mast including cap 70mm
  • Packed size Length 279.5cm x width 14.5cm x length 11.5cm weight 7.70 kg